Plant Capacity

House Across 1,15,400 sq. Yard of Land, divided in 3 factories, “Mahavir” operations are in the Vicinity of in and Around Ahmedabad City, the commercial Capital of the State of Gujarat, the no.1 Industrial Estate in India.

No: Name of Products Annual Capcity
1 Electroplating formulations (Salts, Brightners, Additives, Purifies) 10000 M.T.
2 Metal finishing chemicals (Inhibitors, Cleaners, Rust Removers) 500 M.T.
3 Surface treatment chemicals 120 M.T
4 (Strippers, Heat Treatment, Conversion, Phosphating & Metal Coloring)Basic metal salts(Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, etc) 3600 M.T
5 Electroplating plants 100 PLANTS
6 Specialty Chemicals. Mahanol series of chemicals :(Import Substitute Chemicals)

This production facility is fully equipped with all required reaction vessels   & equipments and supported by 3 Q.C.   laboratories staffed with qualified& experienced personnel. “Mahavir” plans to complete well in domestic as well as international market due to high quality outputs without compromising on any of the quality aspects and competitive costs.

“MAHAVIR” is the largest manufacturer and first exporter of nickel sulphate and nickel chloride with the International Standard, producing daily approx. 5m.t of nickel sulphate and 1 m.t of nickel chloride. “Mahavir” is the first leading company to produce Pesticidal grade of nickel chloride for tea – plantation with C.I.B. registration and authenticated mfg. License from agriculture department of India and united plantation association of southern India (Upasi) at   “Mahavir” quality is the motto of business. The measures of A.C. are  enforced  at  every level, beginning  from  inventory  stage  of raw material to  the  despatch stage of finished products , under   the   personal   observation  of   technical director   itself,  more over, Mahavir is equipped With highly qualified technical people with sound understanding of different aspects of production. The objectives are to adhere to the stringent quality parameters at every stages of production.   Here are the various stages of the production where Q.C. checks those which are strictly enforced.