ALS / SAS (Sodium allyl sulfonate)

Nomenclature : Aquous Solution of Sodium Salt of Allylsulphonic acid

Sodium-2  Propane-1- Sulphonate

Formula : H2C=CHCH2SO3Na

Mol.Formula                    : C3H5NaO3S

Molar Mass                      : 144.1 g/mol.

Description                       : Clear, Colourless or pale yellow liquid.

Solubility                          : Miscible with water in all proportions.

Iodine Colour                    : Less than 6

Desnsity at 20oC               : 1.20-1.28 g/cm3

pH                                    : 8.5-10.5

Application                        : Component of brightening additive

                                           for   electroplating  especially  for

                                           bright nickel  baths  as in a class-I brightner.