1. A megic cleaner working at room temperature, oil, rust and scale remover in liquid form ecofriendly product. All in one step energy, money and time saving product very versetile, non solvent, non silicate, non hazardous, fume free excellent product first time in india.
  2. A non nickel plating process, especially for jewellary, silvery white bright finish, very ductile, solderable room temperature working very stable product with best hardness.
  3. Antique-non-nickel plating process, especially for decorative purpose with beautiful hard plating after nickel coat or direct.
  4. Hard chrome plating process with a great hardness, throwing power and bright finish with high speed plating.
  5. A beautiful acid zinc plating process with economy.
  6. Alkaline zinc plating process for economy with quality, trouble free plating with best chromate film receptivity.
  7. Economic chromate conversion coating chemicals.
  8. Electroplating grade highly purified basic metallic salts of copper, cobalt, nickel, tin and zinc.

Specialty products for hard chrome, bright chrome, bright nickel, bright zinc plating brightner’s intermediate